Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Cat Stole My Husband's Affection

Since becoming pregnant I'm not really big on touch. About that time we got a cat. It looks like my husband's need for affection has now been transferred to a cat.

He calls her sweetie and hugs and pets her every day. Now when he is gone or she doesn't get affection she's used to she whines. Or she follows him everywhere and gets annoying. I joke about how he loves the cat more than me, but I'm a little concerned what's going to happen when we have the baby.

Will the cat hate/resent the baby?

Will the cat drive me even more crazy whining all day when Stephen is gone?

All I can say is I'm getting achy and Stephen was gone last night and the cat woke me up several times whining. Even though I can barely walk I ran out of the room like a madwoman chasing and screaming at the cat to shut up. She ran downstairs and into her room.

Apparently Stephen didn't understand when I said (twice), before you go, please lock up the cat in her room.

I shut the door and got some peace. Finally. Yes, it's stupid but I hate the cat.

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