Saturday, September 17, 2011

Things to Remember if you Have Another Child

I had to note these things because if I had another child I would want to remember them. These are things that helped me. I'm within 5 lbs. of my pre-baby weight and after just 2 weeks I'm close to being 100%. I lost weight faster with Bjorn (no one brought us food and I was so tired I didn't eat a lot) but healing took so much longer.
  • Don't bring your own PJs or robe to the hospital with you. Just wear what they give you and wear out what you came in wearing (or bring 1 change of clothes).
  • Depends is better than the disposable underwear they give you. 
  • Request pitocin immediately after birth and keep taking ibuprofen so you can stay on top of swelling.
  • In pregnancy, cut down on sugar and try to eat protein with it, following a gestational diabetes diet can help you gain less weight, have a smaller baby and it feels better.
  • For swollen ankles get on the elliptical or treadmill enough to get your heart rate up is the best thing (if you can't avoid sitting for long stretches). A massage can help but putting your feet up and other things don't seem to. 
  • Ask the hospital if they have a photographer who comes to your room and get the approximate time so you make sure dad is in the room when she comes to take photos. The one that came to ours wasn't the best ever but she was good and her prices were very reasonable. It's nice not to have to call anyone or go anywhere to get those first professional shots. Don't forget to ask for an entire family shot with the baby (we forgot). Take some of your own pictures with your camera too (she put the baby in a basket but got only closeups so you can't see the props). 
  • You can never have enough sleepers or 1-piece outfits that zip up (nighttime esp. if they are footed) or gowns (daytime, for easy diaper changes). Just bring one outfit for the baby to leave in.
  • Pay attention to seasons, that cute sundress won't get any use if it's cold when your baby is born.

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