Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Turn to Host Book Club

I belong to book babes, which is my book club of about 8 women who meet once a month over good food and books. I never thought I'd join a book club, but I love it.

The person hosting chooses the book and makes dinner. There are great cooks in this group so dinner is always so good. So is the conversation.

They feel like sisters to me.

Tonight was my turn. I chose Asian food. My taste buds aren't the same since I got pregnant and they were really off today. It affected my seasoning so I didn't quite get it all right, but it was still good - just not my best.

My biggest challenge is having everything ready and warm at the same time. I envy the women who make this look easy. I've been cooking since I was a teenager but I still have a tough time with timing.

My future as a food blogger is not looking bright. You can nix the crafty blogger idea too. I'll have to rely on my charm and leave those topics to the pros.

Dinner Menu:
Asian cabbage salad (I cheated and went to Costco for the salad mix but I made my own dressing. I used the food processor to chop everything. Instead of red onion I used green onions. I omitted the chicken and added mandarin oranges.)

Asian green beans

Chicken with sticky rice (If I had time I would've grilled the chicken but it's super easy in a crock pot).

For dessert we had fresh fruit (strawberries, kiwi, grapes) with fruit dip (yogurt mixed with whipping cream) and pineapple sorbet 

I bought mini angel food cake from Costco but either my taste was off or they weren't as tasty as they looked. So I skipped them and plan to take them back. 

Book Review
We read the book, Between a Rock and a Hard Place.

Reading this book reminded me of college. My friends and I hiked and camped in Southern Utah. We read Edward Abbey. I love being outdoors and pushing myself but I'm not an adrenaline junkie. The author is. This is a story about how he got into a situation that tested his survival skills. 

Aron takes a lot of risk. In fact on one trip he convinces his 2 buddies to ski some dangerous terrain. They set off an avalanche and barely survive.  After they get out, the guys are mad at Aron for putting their life in danger. When they leave the next day, they never speak to him again. That says a lot.

This and other experiences tells me Aron takes risk a little too lightly (these guys were also experienced so it must've been pretty bad). It seems to be more about ego or showing off than concern for other people.

This is a lesson in valuing life - his own and the affect his life has on the people he loves. It's about growing up. This experience seems to be preparing him to be a husband and father (where you're responsible for others in a very direct way).

At some point in the book Aron realizes he might actually die. It's pretty agonizing.

We talked about times we thought we might die or someone we loved and what it felt like. We also talked about the unpredictably of life and how we can't control how or when we die.

It was tough to read about Aron cutting off his own arm. But there are very poignant parts too.

Now I need to see the movie.

On The News
Today on the radio I heard how the area in Utah where this happened has a lot of people. They go there and hope to recreate Aron's experience. Stupid. They're not prepared. So they get in trouble and need rescuing. It's become so expensive for the county. So now if you need rescuing, you have to pay the bill. Smart.

Final Thought
Worth a read, but still my favorite book about surviving in nature is Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mt. Everest Disaster.

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