Saturday, June 4, 2011

The [Un]Happy Sumo

You know when you're pregnant and food is challenging? How nothing sounds good, and then when something does you want it RIGHT NOW? That's me today after getting my hair cut.

I walked by The Happy Sumo at the Gateway in Salt Lake City and that was it. I wanted sushi. I wanted one roll to go, so I could walk and eat it while window shopping. We haven't exactly had good walking weather lately and sushi is already in bite-sized pieces.

I explained to the hostess that I can't eat raw fish and asked if they could use eel, which is usually cooked, as a substitute. She said she thinks it's raw.

She comes back and tells me it is cooked and I place my order. I'm entertained by checking in on Foursquare, checking email and Facebook from my phone. It's been 25 mins. and I'm very hungry and restless. I try to ask when my food might be ready, but I can't get anyone's attention. They ignore me. Finally she tells me it's coming in about 3 mins. After 35 mins. I get up and walk out. I'm mad.

I walk upstairs to Costa Vida and get a pork quesedilla. It takes 5 mins. and I'm eating. Someone actually walks around and asks how my meal is. I'm happy.

I post about my frustration on Facebook. Immediately gets 4 comments. I'm not the only one unhappy with Happy Sumo. 

Moral: Happy Sumo doesn't seem to care about unhappy customers.

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