Friday, June 10, 2011

I Fell For an Expecting Mom Marketing Ploy

I don't usually write about my underwear, this is a first. 

When I was first pregnant I thought I was HUGE and needed to buy maternity clothes immediately (or I just wanted an excuse for new clothes). I lugged my favorites from 10 years ago from house to house only to have them disappear when I actually needed them. Maybe I just gave up somewhere along the way and donated them. They would've saved me some $$.

I went on a bit of a pregnancy shopping spree in Vegas at Pea in the Pod. I love their clothes, though the prices are a bit steep.

I decided that I needed at least 1 pair of maternity underwear. Note: anything labeled "maternity" will be marked up at least 20% from anything that is not maternity. This applies to the dark blue & white striped underwear I paid too much for, or as Stephen and I call them, my "pregnancy panties."

When I got home and put them on to go to the gym I knew I'd been had. These panties were no different than regular underwear (except the price tag). I told Stephen this and we laughed and laughed. He finds it endearing that I wanted to really get into being pregnant and jumped right in with the pregnancy wardrobe, down to my skivvies.

Now whenever I go to the gym he asks, "are you going to wear your pregnancy panties?"

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