Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cosmopolitan Hotel in Vegas - the Good & the Bad

We love going to Vegas, it's so much fun and it's so compact. Public transportation is your two feet. The food is amazing and the decor and art is some of the best in the world. We got invited to stay at the new Cosmopolitan hotel - one of the newest and most exclusive on the Strip.

The good:
The decor. Someone dubbed the hanging crystals the crystal ocopus and whatever you call it, it's gorgeous. Art is everywhere - the place is dripping with it. Gorgeous.

I sunk right into the pillows and bed - heaven.

This is the first hotel room that I've been in that had books! Mostly about art, lots of fun. Also a great kitchen area with a mini dishwasher, sink, and microwave (gorgeous, artsy cabinents and appliances).

Room service - we had breakfast: 2 huge buttermilk pancakes, 4 slices of the most delcious bacon, yummy scrambled egg (not spectular but good), and yogurt with fresh berries and granola (huge bowl of yogurt). The only thing we didn't like is the hashbrowns - it was too exotic.

The view - ok, the view from the 48th floor over the Bellagio fountain and entire city is amazing. I'm afraid of heights and kept having recurring thoughts of accidentally dropping my cell phone over the edge. But I didn't.

The OK
Some people think the Wicked Spoon is as good as the Wynn buffet (here's a site with deals on Las Vegas buffets). We don't think it compares, even though it's not bad, the Aria and Wynn buffets are better.

The not-so-good:
Check in took, no kidding, an hour and a half. And we were 1st or 2nd in line. We thought the invited guests line would go faster. We were wrong.

Room Charges. The hotel charged our room and credit card for $300 worth of food that we didn't eat. When we complained they told us we'd have to go to the front desk and fill out a form for accounting. After our first experience we protested that idea (not our fault). It helped that we discovered the charges were for a day we weren't even at the hotel. We got it straightened out at the front desk where we almost got charged for the room too (total $711).

No Hot Water. The bathroom and shower look great but there's a glitch. Even when we had the shower at HOT the water never got past warm. I was actually cold both days. It was between 8-9am. For a new hotel it's amazing that they either ran out of hot water every day or don't ever let the water get hot, just somewhat warm. The bathroom sink had hot water though, and it was so hot it could scald you!

Staff with Attitude. Mostly the staff was pleasant but when I inquired about an ad they ran outside the hotel for a performance, no one seemed to have any idea what I was talking about. I checked the web site, Facebook and Twitter as suggested in the ad but no mention of it. Everyone acted very annoyed when I inquired. We missed the performance that I really hoped to see. I talked to 2 people who just acted bothered that I didn't know more information about the vague ad they ran.

The 5am Wake Up Call. This got us free breakfast but let's just say my pregnant tired feet and self was exhausted. Neither Stephen or I excited to get a call from the front desk at 4am to wake us up. We didn't ask for wake up service and who wakes up at 4am in Vegas anyway??? This was a first. I guess the people in the room before us were fond of $150 meals and waking up early.

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I still love the Wynn and Trump most. Tonight we're staying in the Aria. We're trying to get in as much fun and vacation as possible interspursed with the workloads we both have. Once the baby comes we will cut back on travel for a while.

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