Saturday, July 2, 2011

What I'm Taking in my Hospital Bag

Only about 2 months to go and I'm starting to think about giving birth. 

Bjorn came 3 weeks early and I wasn't ready. I was in denial so I wouldn't bring anything to the hospital. So I had to send his dad home to get things. I felt a little abandoned and worried he was going to miss the birth.

This time I will be ready. Here's my list of what I'm packing early and bringing to the hospital.

  1. My own pjs and robe. Who says you have to stay in hospital garb? It's either Victoria's Secret satin pjs or something in soft cotton that Gap Body carries.

    PS. If anyone wants to get me a gift, please pull your money and bring me a luxurious hotel robe.
  2. Magazines. I could bring my Kindle but I'm not planning on deep reading, I want to feel inadeqate as I compare myself to celebrity's bodies. Just kidding. But yes, lighter reading material for me.
  3. Disposable underwear. Because I don't want to ruin my gorgeous pjs even though the thought is unpleasant, check these out.
  4. My own shampoo/conditioner/shower gel/perfume. Last time I went with the hospital stock but this time I'm pickier and will bring my own.
  5. Baby blanket. By baby blanket I mean a swaddle blanket by Swaddle Designs in pink paisley.
  6. Eye cover and ear plugs. Stephen, stop laughing.

    I still remember how the nurse left the door slightly open after leaving my room in the middle of the night and how I lost precious sleep trying to tune out nurses talking to each other.
  7. Stuffed animal and take home clothes for Alexis. I like to get an ensemble of a sleeper sac with matching hat. I read this idea online - take a cute stuffed animal (for us it's a doll) to put in the baby holder at the hospital. It will make it easy for everyone to spot which one is yours and be good for pictures.
Now here's my other wish - I want a photographer. Not to take anything too intimate but to capture the miracle of our baby's birth. I don't want her to be related or part of the team. All she has to do is take pictures.

We usually forget and I want us to be in the moment the whole time. This is such an important part of our family history I want to remember when I look at the pictures (assuming everything goes well!). 

Any other suggestions for me?

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