Monday, July 4, 2011

2 Things you Shouldn't Take From your Pregnant Wife

This post is actually for my husband but I'm sure I'm not the first pregnant wife who has certain foods she must have and doesn't want to share. This is dedicated to you.

Stephen teases me but also hates how protective I am of 2 foods - my gum and candy bars. I still have yucky tasting mouth and it's so old by now. The only thing that helps is gum (right now it's Trident Wintergreen). I chew it all day. But I get sick of it and need a new piece after an hour or so. If I chew cheap gum I usually can only go about 20 mins. before I spit it out. Then 5 mins. later I need more. That means I go through packs of gum pretty fast. If I share pieces I freak out thinking I will run out and not have any left to get me through the day. Sometimes I pack a limited supply. So it's a little bit like asking the Humane Society folks where we can get our cat declawed. Or asking the Sierra Club if I can have some shark soup at the company party.

I buy candy bars for myself and eat one every few days. Twix and Reese's Peanut Butter cups are my favorites. Stephen tried to eat one once and I came unglued. So to get me back he labeled each candy bar with a sticky note saying, DO NOT EAT. Still he asked me for half my Twix today and I said I would buy him is own but I don't want him to eat my stash. So he ate Oreos instead. Guess what I'm getting him for our anniversary. Yes, candy bars. Don't worry he doesn't read my blogs so he'll never know.

If I have gestational diabetes then this obsession will have to end. I find out on Tuesday (please no!). 

I'm struggling to be pleasant and Stephen deserves a candy bar or 2 just for putting up with me. My back hurts, my hips can ache but most of all I'm just really tired. As in exhausted. Normal things he does bother me. I get irritated way too easily.

Gum and candy bars help me get through, that and an extra pillow at night to cushion my swollen stomach.

I don't think I want to do this ever again!

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