Monday, August 8, 2011

My Husband Thinks He's Pregnant

I was confiding in my friend how sometimes funny and other times frustrating it is that my husband thinks he's pregnant. He mimics my symptoms. Sometimes I want to be the only one who's pregnant in this family!

Here's how it goes:
I have food aversions and nothing sounds good to me at all, so it's difficult to eat. He starts feeling the same way. This has mostly passed. Same with smell issues.

I get sick easy (avoid buffets!) and throw up. It seems that no one else got sick in Hawaii but us, even when they ate the same food. Last night I threw up my buffet dinner and he almost did too. But he did get sick at the Aria (a lot of people did though) too.

I'm fatigued and have trouble sleeping all night because my hips hurt. He acts like he's always EXHAUSTED. After work he has to lay down and rest for at least an hour. This drives me nuts. Of course I switch from side to side trying to get comfortable at night, which wakes him up. Then he goes to the bathroom and wakes me up. He has a fondness for waking up at 5 or 6am.

I have a baby bump, his gut has gotten bigger (though it has subsided).

I have swamp mouth or a persistent bitter taste that I can't get rid of but try to mask by chewing gum constantly. Now he has it and I can smell it on his breath and it's really tough to get too close! Since I believe this is hormonal I'm not sure how he got it.

He has become like me in odd ways.

For example he has a strong urge to fill the fridge with produce. Normally that drives him crazy. He also wants to try new things. Recently he came home with a new brand of milk that we have never tried before. If you know Stephen you know he ALWAYS drinks Cream of Weber. Now suddenly he's acting like me and not being brand loyal.

He leaves projects undone. Like the diaper genie - he left it partly assembled in the hallway by our room for over a week! It's so like me to put off finishing things but it's not like him to. He usually can't stand to let anything go. A single weed in the yard makes him anxious until he pulls it. I hope this goes away because we can't have 2 people like me or life will change dramatically. As far as I know he's still OCD about cleanliness, hopefully the need to finish projects quickly and perfectly will return.

He does not (as far as I know) have gestational diabetes. Even though he has jumped off insanely tall cliffs and other daring feats, it freaks him out to prick his finger and see blood. I'm a little scared about what this means when we're in the delivery room. Please don't pass out babe!

I'm not sure what will happen when it comes to breastfeeding and other parts of new parenthood usually reserved for moms.

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