Sunday, August 28, 2011

Things I'm Looking Forward to After Alexis is Born

No baby. Despite being pretty close (3.5 cm & 80% still) and a false alarm that had me at the hospital a few hours, baby Alexis is not ready to make her appearance. We had our birth class yesterday which really helped Stephen. I laughed because he raced to make it to the bathroom at breaks before all the pregnant women could waddle there. The whole building only had 3 unisex bathrooms - one per floor.

Overall I can't complain. I hardly have any issues. Swollen feet are rare and I know what to do about them if I get them (get my heart rate up on the treadmill). No heartburn. My back is not achy. I cut short a few charlie horses. A 90 minute massage did wonders for lower body aches and they haven't been as bad since. My biggest problems come when I didn't sleep well or my blood sugar is too low or high.

Doc says she looks tall and thin (like her mom) and that he'll be surprised if he sees me next week, but make an appointment just in case.

I'm super excited to have Alexis out. Here are the things I look forward to the most:
  • No more gestational diabetes! Although it's really helped me be more healthy - I think I've lost body fat. I want the Awful Waffle to be my first high carb breakfast.
  • No more swamp mouth! That bitter taste will go away. No more buying packs & packs of gum. I will probably go back to being neutral about Wintergreen Life Savers.
  • I'll get to wear my old clothes! I'm gravitating to the same pair of pants again & again because they are the most comfortable and cool right now. My wardrobe choices will soon expand in a different way.
  • The waiting and anticipation will be over. Stephen had to go to the bathroom a few times just from nervousness last night when I thought it was possible I was going into labor (but I wasn't - just more BH contractions).
  • I can shave my legs, pick up things that drop, and tie my shoes easily again.
  • Hot tubs, fully submerged.
I'm hoping this week will be the week. Stephen's coworkers have bets on her arrival and weight. I got a bribe to have her on August 31st. If she holds out until Sept. 1 then she'll be the oldest instead of the youngest of her class at school. I'm good with that (as if I had any say in the matter!).

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