Sunday, October 2, 2011

Yes, I am Obsessed with Baby Legwarmers

My husband just declared, "you're obsessed with legwarmers," and I agree with him. I am. I just spent too much to admit on 3 pair (they are normally $20 each.

Wish I would've found this tutorial on how to make your own legwarmers from socks. You can also make arm warmers out of them (and stretch out the time your baby can wear short sleeved onesies).

I love blogs because if you look you can learn just about anything and tackle just about anything for less than you can buy it. However, I still haven't found a tutorial to make a Bumbo (that's on my list).

Here are some of my recent favorite crafty baby posts - so unlike me to want to make things but having a baby changes everything.

Baby legwarmer tutorial and here's another baby legs tutorial. This one has ruffles.
Butterfly mobile tutorial - I like this butterfly punch from Amazon
simple baby lace headbands tutorial
brightly colored onesie tutorial
recycling mom's dress into a kid's size (I would never attempt this, only posting it because I admire it)

Maybe I should start a mom craft day to work on things like this with good company.

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