Saturday, December 3, 2011

These are a Few of our Favorite Things (Products)

The recursive image seen in the Land O' Lakes ...Image via WikipediaSometimes I forget about one of these products and then rediscover it many months later. So for my record and your reading enjoyment, I'm going to list our family's favorite products and brands that we never stray from.

Classique Belgian Waffle Mix - The company has been around forever and the box is cheesy, but this is the best waffle mix ever. Since hardly any grocery stores carry the mix, we buy it by the case from It is creamy and has a fresh vanilla taste. Just add melted butter, water and an egg. Don't bother making your own! Also good for crepes. - a classic. The low fat turkey version is almost as good as the full fat version.

Target Steak Sauce - We also use it as a sauce on panini sandwiches.

Clorox Wipes - This is one of the most used products we have. We use them to keep the stainless steel fridge handles clean and everything else. We get them from Costco by the 4-pack. Lysol isn't as good. For cleaning your hands after pumping gas or for just about everything else we stock our car and home with Wet Wipes (individually packaged so they don't dry out and are easy to pack). 

Glymed Facial Cleanser - you have to buy this from a salon or someone who reps it. More expensive but worth it. This is the only product I've ever had that consistently keeps acne away. I know, once you're in your 30s you shouldn't have acne anymore, but sadly enough, we often do.

Brazilian Blowout - This makes my hair so smooth and manageable for a few months. No more flyaways and I can literally wake up and look good with no effort. The cost is a bit steep. At salons.

Dawn Dishwashing Soap - It really does cut grease. We use a damp washcloth with Dawn to clean our blinds (which are high grade plastic).

Simply Potato or Target brand hashbrowns - these keep in the fridge and make it totally unncessary to make them from scratch. We cook them with our favorite butter which is Land O Lakes olive oil blend and course black pepper. Better than any restaurant. For toast, on rolls, etc. the best butter is the new cinnamon sugar variety. Delicious.

Oikios Yogurt - the lowest calories with the highest protein and so delicious. I've used plain in place of sour cream in recipes.

Horizon Organic Milk - Lasts forever and the taste is pretty good. We don't drink a ton of milk so this is our first choice because it tastes fresh and the cows weren't pumped with hormones.

Tide detergent - a classic for a reason plus we like how they help communities after disasters. Same with Huggies diapers.

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